Stephen Bentley


As a proud Wiganer, here I am pictured with the FA Cup, won by Wigan Athletic 2013

My name is Steve Bentley, co-founder of GTS Sports Management.

I would like to take this opportunity to give you a backdrop of information into how I began my journey in the Sports Management Industry and explain why at GTS Sports Management we are diverse from the rest.

My family’s love affair of sport evolved from my father’s passion. He himself was a scratch golfer; my Dad also caddied for many of the sport’s top professionals.

Lora FaircloughHe was a long standing member of Chorley golf club and was the first person to win the prestige prize, ‘The Lora Fairclough vase’. This vase originated when Lora turned professional on the 17th January 1991 and was in honour of her great achievement. Lora continued to play in many worldly recognised tournaments; she also played in America to qualify for her tour card. She presently resides in Chorley.

I have a long established history within this competitive world of sport, beginning at young age of 15. I played many thrilling games with Stephen Hendry MBE at the 147 club in Wigan and was a pupil at the highly respected and long established Deanery High School.

When I graduated from school I was attracted to the sport of Rugby, again my father was a real motivational strength for me as he was the lead scout for Orrell Rugby Union. I was introduced to John Fieldhouse (who was at the time the award winning manager of Warrington RLC).

Stephen and FatherI was fortunate enough to be selected for Lancashire Rugby League under 16’s enjoying many games, and homing the skills I would find myself using along my journey. Regrettably, due to injury I was forced to stop playing this rewarding sport

After my school days I focused my education towards sports related management, achieving a Higher Diploma within this aspect of management at Birmingham Metropolitan College. Finally, once I left college I was able to revisit my love of Golf. I subsequently decided to use my wealth of knowledge in Sports Management and began my affiliation with Mere Golf and Country Club. It was then at this time I chose to set in motion a business of my own, using my vast experience, understanding and contacts to support others.

At GTS Sports Management I have dedicated and structured my business purpose around three sports, Golf, Tennis and Snooker.  I am lucky enough to draw on my sports experience as a player to nurture and foster young people’s drive and enthusiasm in this highly spirited and rewarding world of sport.

VLUU L110, M110  / Samsung L110, M110At present this is a very exciting and budding time for our company. We presently look after Christian Johnson a 10 year old genius and a member of the prestigious Formby Golf Club.  James Cahill a 17 year old whiz kid who has achieved a rarely given exemption to play on the professional Snooker tour due to his enormous prized talent.

Combining his relationship with the Seven Worlds Champion, Stephen Hendry MBE, this you will agree this is an exhilarating adventure to be a part of for both James and GTS Sports Management. Finally, we are presently supporting a young Tennis mastermind. This inspiring 19 yr old who is currently on the USA tour circuit recently won at the Bellingham Lawn Tennis Club.

I strive for GTS Sports Management to be the front runner in our industry and this will be achieved through our honour and integrity.

Steve Bentley Co-Founder GTS Sports Management.